Running a Macro is reselecting all fixtures in editor

Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
Hi guys,

I was applying fanned intensity values to a large quantity of Sunstrips, in varying group sizes.

I recorded a quick Macro simply "@ 20>35>20 Enter" and moved it to a Command Key. Deleted first two steps and changed timings etc.


Select Group 1, then press Command Key to run Macro 1. Values are applied to selection as expected.

Select Group 2, run Macro 1. Group 1 gets reselected and values are fanned across both groups. Not what I expected. :-(

I also found that when running the macro, on several attempts 20 > 20 > 35 ended up in the command line. Key press timings are shorter than the wait times so there's no overlap of steps.

As you might expect, I abandoned this plan...

Would you mind taking a look please?

Hog 4 v3.4.0.


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