Experiencing weird bugs

I work for a church with 5 Hog 4 installs 4 of which have DP8000s. So far I've been experiencing problems with all the consoles that I have upgraded to V3.4.0. At our biggest campus we are running 98 Epix Strip Tours across 2 DPs and 2 universes on the Hog 4. For some reason when using the pixelmapper the Epix running off the DPs are running brighter than the Epix off the console (which are running at the correct brightness). Also when doing rotate effects (potentially other effects as well) their is also a weird time sync problem between the DPs and the console. When I hard reset the DPs the problems go away for some time but come back later randomly. The second bug I've noticed is that the softkeys around the screens on the Hog 4 stop working about a second after the show finally launches forcing me to have to press the buttons via the touchscreen. Restarting the desktop fixes this for about another second and then I have the same problem. This is also using the new pixelmap layer released in the update and all showfiles were created in V3.3.0. Any ideas?


  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    We are aware of a problem with pixelmapping the same image across multiple DPs using X/Y/Z rotation.
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