Bug?: Hog4PC: Strange Behavior when "Scale Effect Rate" on masterfader

Consider the following situation: One CueList with one Cue is associated to a masterfader.

The CueList is configured to use the masterfader as the "Scale Effect Rate". The Upper Bound is set to "4x" and the Lower Bound is set to "1/2x". The default Effect Rate is set to 100%.

In the cue is a table effect which is moving a pixel map from side to side (X position). The pixelmap layer is set to 100% intensity. In the image which is moving is a 100% white bar. the pixelmap layer controls RGB-LED fixtures.

The effect is now: if you start the cuelist (the cue) the intensities for RGB are only at 50%! Not 100%. The masterfader is set to the middle (50%) position on the fader bank. Moving this fader changes the effect rate (which is intended).

To get the RGB values to 100% you have to do the following:
- select the cue
- goto to the options
- select "Master"
- switch master fader function to "I Fader"
- move the fader to 0% and than top 100%
- switch the fader function back to "Scale Effect Rate"
- close all windows

If you now start the cuelist the RGB values are at 100% (because they are displaying white) and the effect rate is scalable by the master fader.

BUT: If you reload the program, the old situation is back.

I assume that this is a bug.

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