Intinsity not following release time.

Hi love the hog 4 and everything that has been added to the platform. Since around version 3.2 there have been severe problems with intensity snapping and not fading.

I have a wash fader that has daesh channels at full and is HTP

I have a look fader that is just led's and movers creating the look.

I have a video look fader that takes everything to dark blue and overrides the wash to take everything down for the video. It is higher priority.

When I activate the video fader everything fades down just fine. When I release the video fader to come out of video the wash fader and the intensity part of the look fader SNAP instead of fade.

THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. It never worked this way before around 3.2. This is how thousands of corporate events are programmed each year. The only work around we have found is to manually lower the wash fader during the video then raise it manually at the end of the video. This becomes very problematic when you have a lot of videos in quick succession.

Please please please look into this. There is a lively discussion on the Facebook Wholehog 4 group about this.

Thanks for making the best lighting console out there.

Greg Schultea


  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    Agreed that its a nuisance. It's behavior changed when the started fixing other priority / intensity issues. Its been reported a few times and they are aware of it.
    For me, my workaround has been to change the HTP list to an non HTP list
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