Xspot start up

I have an xspot with a start up issue. Normally, about 5 seconds after power on, the fans come on and it begins homing pan / tilt and other motors. The issue is 5 seconds after power on, the display dims to about half intensity and the P/T motors move very slowly like the motor power supply is heavily loaded. After about 20 seconds it throws a bunch of position errors. I've seen this happen a few times before but powering off and back on resolved it. Now it constantly recurs. Does this sound like a power supply issue or is it a known problem ?
Thanks for suggestions!


  • JacopoJacopo Registered User
    fortunally i've never had this problem, once i have a bad connection cable in the power unit (the one that take power from the motor unit and distribute to the head logic board facing left and right) that prevents half fixture to not fire up and the other half to start normally. This power unit has a green LED you can see it just removing the cover opposite of the side with the display. if the LED is not bright on may is a power issue, check the red cable from the power unit you can try to disconnect one of it and see if half fixture fire up regularlly without move or just move without fire up the head logic board (it depends from wich cable you disconect) !!
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