Elation II Pro fixtures will either lock up or cycle thru gobos after cue updates, HELP?

During a service/show (Church), one of our Elation (Platinum Pro II) fixtures will lock up. Cannot Reset/Control for minutes and I can't re-enact the possible cause. It is not one specific fixture, we have 10, and they each go thru this at random times. It gets really frustrating when a guest is in the middle of Worship, and a light is shining on them, and there is nothing I can do until it eventually resets itself. Is this a known issue with the fixture's themselves or is it the Console (Road Hog4)?
Same fixtures, theres another problem while programming, when updating a cue or making any changes... after hitting "Enter" the fixture's gobo wheel rolls on their own. I have to re-initiate the cue to get the fixtures back to their intended Gobo.
Hope this all makes sense and there is a reasonable explanation. Are there any solutions? Thank You - Tim


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Have you checked the software version of you fixtures? There had been changes to made to the DMX Layout.
    So that depending on the software the lib wont match
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