Hog4 & Catalyst V4

I connected our Roadhog4 (3.4.0) to our Catalyst Media Server (4.20), but I wasn't able to retrieve video thumbnails for the H4 media picker. I followed all the steps in H4 help file. In patch view the catalyst media was patched to the correct adress, but when I press refresh media, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?
My settings:
IP H4: (fixturenet)
IP Cat:


  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    In the past users have discovered an issue with their catalyst server by using a regular computer's web browser to try and fetch the images in the same way hog does.

    1) To get a list of thumbnails on a catalyst server, do an HTTP GET
    to htpp://serverip:8080/catws/files.html

    That will return an HTML file; we are after rows that look like this:

    Parse out those rows to get the folder/file/name information

    2) To get a thumbnail, do an HTTP GET to:
    where xxx is the folder and yyy the file

    So basically if that doesn't work - troubleshoot your catalyst and forget the hog or its interface.
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