Bug: wrong DMX value for Default real world value sent

Today I observed wrong sending of a default value by the HOG4(PC):

In a fixture for a moving head the rotation of the Gobo defined with the following lines;

In the Fixture Builder you see that:
18 Gobo <> Index 0>255 -180>180°
18 Gobo <> Rotate 128>1 0>300rpm
18 Gobo <> Rotate 255>129 -300>0rpm

In the "Edit Fixture" so thee that:
Gobo <> Yes Index 0 ° -180 ° 180 ° 0 s 0 ° Linear
Gobo <> Yes Rotate 0 rpm -300 rpm 300 rpm 0 s 0 rpm Linear

Real World Value: the value span goes from -300 to 300 rpm.
DMX Values: the value span goes from 255 to 1.

The default real world value is 0 rpm.
In the manual for the fixture: the value 128 is defined as No-Rotation. Which should be 0 rpm in real world units

BUT: In the DMX output one can see that the value 127 is sent instead of 128. The Gobo is rotating.

Is it due to a rounding error?
or is it due to a wrong default value handling?

When you set the rotation for the Gobo by hand to 0 rpm in a cue than the DMX value 128 is sent (this is correct!).
But if the Hog4 uses the default value (which is also 0 rpm), 127 is sent to the fixture (which is wrong).
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