Chauvet Motion Orbs?

Hey Hive Mind,

Just wondering if anyone has had better luck than I with these on Hog 4. I'm finding that the dmx profile doesn't exactly match up between the fixture and the console, which results in the macro effects not working when the fixture is set to 9 - channel mode.

I'm also thinking about attempting to set this up as a pixel map, but could use some advice.



  • PhilphunPhilphun Registered User, Hog Beta, Distributors
    I have played with these. I didn't bother to try to use the macros. I patched them as individual RGB fixtures and then pixel mapped them and they worked great. If you need help with pixel mapping on Hog 4, I'd suggest checking out training videos 24 (Plots) and 25 (Pixel Mapping). It's quite easy and the vids are very good.
  • GravityguyGravityguy Registered User
    We have several of these units. I created a profile for the 9ch mode with macro labels and pictures. Althougth i have never used it, always pixel map them.
    The macros are all rainbow colors and have no color or intensity control over them.

    9 ch mode has the following priories for modes(ie. channels override lower modes and only work in their modes)
    1) Int/Color Mode - Master Int, Red, Blue, Green, Strobe
    2) Macro Mode - Macro 1, Macro 2, Macro Speed (no color or intensity control)
    3) Sound activated Mode - Sound - (no macro selection)
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