Lights coming on in a cue list faster than rest of cue

First off, hi everyone. Looking forward to be part of this community.

So I have an issue. I am running a rented Road Hog 4. I created some cue lists for the show I am doing and at times a fixture will come on quicker than the others in the same cue when they should all be at the same rate. The bigger bugger is that it isn't consistent. A cue that was doing it yesterday isn't today but another one is. And as I write this none of them are currently doing it now. The lights I am using and noticing this are all conventionals (desk channels) if that makes a difference.


  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    First thing to check is if there is off course only a single fade time on the cue and not per fixture fade times. (which are separated with a comma in the fade time collum)

    If that's the case you can check in the DMX output window if the DMX values are changing in the same time or not.

    And third: filament temperature has a noticeable influence on light output of conventionals. If a light has been on in a previous cue it might look to fade in quicker then others, even if it gets the same wave out of the dimmer. (same effect like preheat setting on dimmers, heating the filament lowers the resistance, letting more current through)
  • Strobie1Strobie1 Registered User
    First I'd check if there was any timing data stored in the cue, by opening the cue and hitting fade, and seeing if there is a value higher than x on the problematic fixtures. If that checks out, check that the fixture it's self doesn't have a built in dimmer curve that is different than the deduct of the other fixtures. If that isn't the case, have a look at the path
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