Improvement Proposal: Update Button for Cuelist Directory Table View

Hi there.

I am using a second view on the cue list directory in a table form just to see which cue lists are active in order to use the cue list numbers for macro programming right before a show.

I can sort the table after the "VM Current Cue" column so that I can see the active cue lists at the top of the list.

When I start another cue list in order to add this to the current light picture, the table view of the cue list directory is not updated automatically. I have to select "sort" on "VM Current Cue" twice in order to get an updated table with the newly added cue list also.

I would like to have a cue list directory update button at the top of the cue list to simplify this update process. Or an "automatically update cuelist directory table" option as a preference for cue list views.
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