External Touchscreen


Did I read somewhere that support for an external touch screen can be added to Hog OS if some text identifying the touch screen drivers is provided to the men in white coats at Highend?

I have a Dell SX2210T touch screen which doesn't work with my Hogs at the moment but it would be great if it did!



  • SHMiLYSHMiLY Registered User
    I have the same monitor, would love to see this adressed.
  • BlackoutBlackout Registered User
    +1 for Dell monitors. I've got the Dell S2240T and would love to see it work!
  • RANDELLRANDELL Registered User
    I agree with all said so far + I feel ALL external monitors (touch-screen or otherwise) should be able to work with any desk. Should simply be a "plug and play" without any navigating to change anything with the exception of setting where external monitor plays in the line of used screens per desk layout.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Plug & play... ;-) It doesn´t work at all, not even with "normal" computers. Wishfull thinking....
  • MarcelMarcel Registered User
    No solucion?
  • dkayserdkayser Registered User, HES Staff
    We have created a new post https://forums.highend.com/index.php?p=/discussion/18415/external-touch-screen-support-requests#latest. We are collecting Vendor and Product Ids of USB touch screens for possible support. Please follow the instructions in that post.

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