Color picker not working for S4 LED

MUGSlightMUGSlight Registered User, Hog Beta
So I'm wondering why I can't use the color picker or gel picker with the ETC Source4 LED HSIC profile? If the mode is made for HSIC seems like I should be using the color picker the same way I can with a CMY or RGB fixture. Any help on this?


  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Currently the Color Picker is only tied to the Hue Saturation parameters that associates to the CMY of the fixture. If your fixture is actually set at HSIC, those parameters are not controlled by the Hue Saturation parameters on the Hog. There has been much discussion about improving the color control on the Hog to work better with LED fixtures that use parameters other than CMY to control color.
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