Losing Left Hand Screen

I've lost the left hand screen on two separate Full Boar 4 now, both while running V3.3.1

The first one was fixed while unplugging and plugging up the screen in different orders, this was after doing a complete install a couple of times. The second was fixed by moving the screen to the third output inside the console as the full install and replugging didn't work

It seems like it's more "software" based than a hardware fault though as everything comes back eventually for no reason.

Any ideas please on the cause and the repair?

Thank you



  • Go_ButtonGo_Button Registered User
    Had the same thing on a Hog4 running 3.3.1. Left touch stopped working most likely after plugging in or out a USB stick with media content. The problem disappeared after 24 hours (console was just locked during the night and not shut down). After a calibration the screens worked well again. I would expect a problem with plugin in /out USB devices while the console is running.
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