Hog4 and LightConverse Course

Hello all,

I am preparing a Hog 4 and LightConverse course for some trainees here at Hannover/Germany right now.

I am wondering if some other people would like to have this course for learning how to get the most out of the Hog4.

If you are interested in having this course or offering it to your trainees or colleagues, please contact me. We can define the contents of this course and the duration. At the first step I offer this to companies in Germany. The language is German or English.

Best Regards,



  • RANDELLRANDELL Registered User
    I'm most interested in finding someone and someplace here in America that offers a full training course on using Light Converse. Multi level class or direct student/teacher sort of setup. Do you or anyone reading this comment know of such a course offered?
  • Matthias_ThömelMatthias_Thömel Registered User
    Hi Randell, I am sorry, but I do not know anybody.

    The main problem in Germany / Europe is: the concert organizers are paying not enough money to live from show/light-design.

    So, everybody which has knowledge about complicated tools/desks and has higher skills is working in jobs in the industry or engeneering and does not have the time to do important things to improve quality and knowledge of show designers.

    It's a pitty. I would love to live from that type of job but it is not possible.

    If somebody is able to operate lightconverse for example, he/she is also able to earn much money in the industry and has therefor no time to offer such courses.
  • baumbaumbaumbaum Registered User
    edited May 2020
    Hi Matthias, I'm interested in the Hog 4 courses online. Where can I find your course? I'm located in Leipzig (Reciprocal Educational Exchange Program student (Leipzig University) from the University of Houston).
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