Flash Key LED never stops blinking / CueList start by fading not working always


I am doing a heavy programing on the Hog4 (PC and RoadHOG). I have many CueLists which are on several masters with several priorities. Some are using the master fader for intensity, some for normal cross fading and some for IPCB cross fading. All have "Persist On Override" and "Reset on Release" switched on. The Flash Key is defined as 100% intensity flash.

I observe that all Flash Key LED's of the masters where the IPCB cross fade is selected are flashing allways and they never stop doing so.
And I observe, that if I put my show on another HOG and the flash key LED is not blinking on such a master fader the cue list start by simply moving the fader does not work.

If I than press the flash key one time it starts blinking and then I can start the cue list simply by fading. Which I need.

If I release all lists and I tear down all faders (by a macro) I see that all lists are release in the Cuelist Directory and all faders are down but the flash LED is still blinking. Blinking means: that some other cue list is overriding the one on that fader. But there is no active cue list after releasing all.

So I have two question:

Why is the Flash Key LED still blinking?
Why do I need to press the flash key once to have the possibility to start the cue list by fading?

Regards, Matthias
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