Hog 3 Full v3.1.9 keeps feezing

Hi All
I have a Hog 3 Console With A FullSize Hog Wing & A DP2000 running v3.1.9.
I am having a regular promlem where the desk keeps freezing, It is normally when you press the S button to select a playback or try and open a window. It freezes for 1-3 seconds and then comes back to life and works fine again for a while.
It does not always freeze when you press the S key or open windows and is not consitant with specific playbacks or windows.

At first i thought it might be the showfile, so i created a new show and before i had even patched anything it would randomly freexe when opening a window.

I have tried doing a full restore of the desk at first it seemed to look like it fixed it but after a couple of hours the same issue started again.

could this be a problem with the hard drive? any help would be much appreciated,

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