Cue modify

Does everyone in the group how to modify the cue it?
Update.merge or open cue editor?
I do not fully understand the different between the update and merge Cue.
Sometime I use Update to modify a cue and it will not to record new value.
If last cue is a effect .and I update a new position or color value .it will lost new value and track from last cue date.looks like I press remove.
If I use merge .Can be successfully modified, but in time will add a new data
What is more correct cue correction method?
Thank you


  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    It's really a Dealer's Choice.
    I usually explain the difference like this:
    Update is more of an "Intelligent" way of updating values, while Merge is more "Dumb".
    What I mean by this is, using Update allows the console to decide or give you options as to where the values are stored. Update is usually the preferred method when you have multiple fixtures in the programmer that all need to be updated across more than one running cuelist, or multiple palettes. Based on the fixtures current value in an existing cue or palette, the console will determine the best choice as to the location of the update. If I have fixture 101 at 50% running in Cuelist 2 on Cue 3, and I change the value to 100% and hit Update, the console recognizes where fixture 101 is currently running and gives Cue 3 in Cuelist 2 as the destination for the Update.
    Now, Merge, on the other hand, is dumb. It needs to be told, by you, where you want to store the values. Merge 3 Enter, will store the values into Cue 3 of the choosen cuelist. Merge 2/3 Enter will store the values on cuelist 2 into Cue 3.
    Unless I have multiple fixtures that need to be updated across multiple cuelist, I usually stick to Merge, but as I first said...Dealer's Choice. Record, Update, and Merge all basically do the same thing, only in different ways.
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