How to add/remove/replace a fixture in an existing CueList?

Hello to all!

Example 1: I want to create one CueList for one specific fixture and afterwards I want to copy this CueList and just replace the fixture ID by another of the same type but all parameters in the cues of the CueList should remain.

So, I am looking for a way to change the fixtures in a CueList after creation.

Example 2: I dont want to renumber the fixtures DMX adresses every time I am working in that venue but the lamps may be swapped in the truss and for that reason I just want to replace the fixture number the CuesLists that are working with it but the programming should remain.

How can I do that?


  • Matthias_ThömelMatthias_Thömel Registered User
    Answer to Example 2: I will do the renumbering of swapped fixtures in the Fixture Window by renaming their numbers in order to change ther order. With that one is able to react on changed state setups.
  • Matthias_ThömelMatthias_Thömel Registered User
    Answer to Example 1 can be: open cue 1 in the cuelist, do a fixture copy to the new fixture (select old one, press "copy", enter fixture number of new fixture by keypad, press enter). now the fixture and all it's settings are copied. Now kickout the old fixture. goto next cue, apply changes. The first cue has now the new fixture with the settings of the old one, but the second cue has now both fixtures. Now, one has to copy the settings of the old fixture in the second cue to the new one and knockout the old one, update this.

    I am wondering if there is a possibility to do this procedure for all cues in a cue list together?!
  • Matthias_ThömelMatthias_Thömel Registered User
    Update to Example 1: I wrote a Macro which I can apply to every cue in the cue list like this:
    - open cue
    - issue macro
    - update
    - repeat for next cue

    The macro looks like that (fixture 44 is replaced by fixture 43):

    0.2s Step 2 Clear Command Line
    0.2s Step 3 Key Press Backspace 0.08s
    0.2s Step 4 Key Press Backspace 0.07s
    0.2s Step 5 Key Press 4 0.08s
    0.2s Step 6 Key Press 4 0.08s
    0.2s Step 7 Key Press Enter 0.09s
    0.2s Step 8 Key Press Copy 0.07s
    0.2s Step 9 Key Press 4 0.07s
    0.2s Step 10 Key Press 3 0.07s
    0.2s Step 11 Key Press Enter 0.18s
    0.2s Step 12 Key Press Backspace 0.1s
    0.2s Step 13 Key Press 4 0.08s
    0.2s Step 14 Key Press 4 0.07s
    0.2s Step 15 Key Press Enter 0.08s
    0.2s Step 16 Screen Press (1078, 628) 0.04s Knockout
  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
    Did you try Replicate FIxtures in patch?
  • Matthias_ThömelMatthias_Thömel Registered User
    Hi, I do not want to replacate a fixture. I want that another new fixture is taken over the programming of an old one. The old one is reused with another programming in the same cue list than.
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