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Hi, I am relatively new to using the Hog4PC and have a question about using the Grand Master to progress from one cue list to the next. I have a touch screen Hog4PC but no wings. I work for a church and I am trying to program different looks for different songs that we sing. I would like to be able to copy a cuelist to a master and then use the Grand Master play button to go through the whole show. I see that I can add a macro to Go Master and add a number but I want it to just go to the next master so that I don't have to change the number based on the order of the songs that particular week. I also see the Choose Master but the same thing happens, that I have to pick a master number and would like it to just choose the next master. Can anyone help me?

Also is there a way to search the cuelists? As I add more songs and rename them they aren't in alphabetical order and it becomes tedious looking for a particular song.

Thanks for any help!


  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    The main playback controls work on whichever master is currently chosen, so you want to run all the cues on master 1, then have the last cue cause the desk to choose master 2 and then work through all the cues in that list, then on to master 3 and so on...?
    I'm not near a desk at the moment to try this, but I'd suggest you try putting a comment macro on the last cue of each cuelist of CM+ which if the syntax works should move you up one master. Not sure what will happen when you get to master 10 - it might go on to wings or extra playback bars you don't have. If that's the case then on master 10 you might want CP+ CM1 (next page, master 1).
    Just make sure that all cuelists reset on release, and add a release cue at end (where the comment sits)
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    As Simon says (I always wanted to say that)...the comment macro CMx is the one you want. Also, that way, if they change the order, just change the macro number at the end and it will jump around as the set list progresses.

    If you use more than 10 faders, you can use the next page (check your page change preferences...I usually use "leave in background")...and the song on fader 10 would be CPx; CM1 and continue.

    The other option if you use more than 10 is to put them on the "wing" faders (you can toggle the views with PIG+1, 2, etc.) and that will give you faders 11 thru 20, 21-30, etc. etc.. Then the comment macro would be CM11, etc.

    Hope that helps.

  • lukestickanlukestickan Registered User

    Thank you so much.
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