Filter Life Out error?

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So, one of my DL2's
Suddenly started throwing a Filter Life Out error.
The fixture does'nt have very many hours on them, 134 Lamp hours, and 257 fixture hours.
I haven't run it in heavy haze enviroments.
Also the fans seem to be running a bit faster than normal.
However it is not causing any problems, the projector stays struck, and the fixture seems to work fine.
So any ideas on what is causing this?

Also the Display doesn't seem to turn on when a error comes up.
It seems to me that when a error happens, the display should come back on.

The other problem I have been having, is the iris not closing all the way, it tends to stay a tiny bit open. The fixture seems to be having this problem more often in this version of software than in older versions. But I can't really be 100% on that.

I am running software version


Joshua Wood
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    The issue with your filter sounds like you may have a bad filter. We had a few in stock that were constructed incorrectly and do not let the proper amount of airflow through. This is cause the error that you are seeing. The previous versions of software did not have the error notifications in them, so you wouldn't have been able to tell that the filter was problematic. If you contact our support department at or 1.800.890.8989 they can get a new filter out to you to replace the old one. Be sure to mention that is was a defective filter, and not one that was clogged from normal use.

    As far as the display, you are correct, the errors should come up if the display is off or overide the preview mode if you have it in this mode. This issue has been logged into our system as bug #9092.

    The iris is a known issue, but we have had a bit of trouble tracking down the cause. If possible, could you give me some circumstances surrounding the use of the DL-2 when you see this happen? Is it after hours or use, or upon a fresh power-up? Does homing make the problem go away, or is the leak always present? The issue is logged in our systems at bug #9093.

    Thanks so much.
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    As for the Iris,
    It seems to have gotten worse than it used to be,
    And homing it usually does not fix the problem.
    every once and a while it will fix it, and it usually stays fixed.
    but when i restart the fixture it is incorrect right upon startup.
    At the moment I have only noticed it on one of my dl2's but I haven't been running the other one much since the software update.
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    Ok Matt,
    Here is what I found about the iris in my 2 DL2's
    They both will lose their iris home after a short while.
    Even if they do by some odd chance home the iris correctly it does not take much to throw them off again.
    I was able to get them out of home instantly by putting them in a effect on a Hog 3
    Starting point 50% Intensity
    Sine wave
    50% size
    0 offset
    length 100%
    In this effect both of my DL2's will "click" in the open and closed position.(Like its trying to open and close farther than the stops.)
    and after the effect, usually the iris will be still open a smidge.
    1 of my fixtures is worse than the other and never homes without a pinhole of light coming out of the iris. The other one is homes correctly around 50% of the time.

    Joshua Wood
    Service Manager
    Ruehling Associates Inc.:D
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    Thanks for the extra info concerning the iris. We actually were able to track down the problem today in our office, and have implemented code to fix the problem. After some testing here in the office, the fix should be released as a BETA version with fixes for a few other issues that have come up.

    As far as your one unit that never homes with the iris correct, it sounds like you might possibly have a misaligned iris. I would wait for our software fix for the iris to come out, and see if this is still an issue. If it is, I can walk you through realigning the iris.

    Thanks again.
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    Sounds Good,
    Thanks for the help.
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