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I always use cue list with links in it to use it as a chaser. But i wondered if you could make group intensity macro's in your cues.

the way i prog now:

cue 1, Dim
cue 2, link cue1
cue 3, 1-2
cue 4, 1-2
cue 5 link cue 3
so for to store this i use normal command lines like : fixture 101 thru 112 at 100

and i build macro's to go and release the chase on all the different faders at the same time.
it works awesome accept one thing: if i have additional lighting i need to program my chase again and again.

wat i really want is to use macros that refer to groups, so if i have some extra sharpy's i just need to add them to the right groups and all my chases will be perfect with out additional programming.


cue 1, dim, *macro: group 1 at 100*
cue 2, link cue 1
cue 3 1-2, *macro:group 2 at 100, group 3 at 0*
cue 4 1-2, *macro:group 2 at 0, group 3 at 100*
cue 5, link cue 3

I know it is possible on a PRG but is it possible on a HOG4? And will it automatically update the playback's??



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    If you have more fixtures why dont you just replicate your existing fixtures.

    There is a request for what you have been asking, so that if fixtures are added to a group/palette that the console wil ask you if you want to update existing programming.

    But for the meantime replicate fixtures might help you a lot.
  • chrisletenschrisletens Registered User
    thanx for the reply! I hope hog wil introduce this feature.

    other question you might know the answer on :

    I always store my effects in the scene directory, and have written a macro to release them, it works great and saves faders space.
    But i would like to have an output master fader on my dimmer shapes. so if the master is at 0 i could tick the dimmer sinus in the scene and the master controles the output of the all the shapes i want.

    is this possible?? i would prefer to do this via macro's so that if i program 1 extra scene it automatically would be controlled by the fader.


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