Mild irritation on Playback Bar positioning & TC Bar


When using the HedgeHog 4X I often like to drag the Main Playback Bar to my external display to free up valuable space on the internal touch screen. After logging off, it always defaults back to the internal display. Could it be possible that it stays where I left it, unless the external display is not detected?

Currently additional playback bars do remember where they're put.

On a similar note, on the larger consoles too, I like to drag my Timecode bar across to an external display, but again, when I log in and View Timecode, it always defaults back to the top of the left hand display. If my external display is present, again, could it remember this position?

It's not something to lose sleep over, but if this isn't a massive job it would be nice.




  • CPike3CPike3 Registered User
    Did you record it in a view?
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff

    I agree perhaps for the HedgeHog platform it makes sense to possibly allow the main playback bar to live on external monitors be default. I will log a request.

    As far as the timecode toolbars are concerned this does indeed need a makeover. Each timecode toolbar's position and show/hide status is currently not stored on log off which is fairly frustrating and requires comment macros and even then the position is not recalled. So I have something in the backlog now to get toolbars like timecode and clock to persist on log off/on.
  • Firewood1Firewood1 Registered User, Hog Beta
    Fantastic. Thanks Chris.
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