Hog 4 Pc question

Im running a road hog 4 using the 4 universes on console. and a external dp8k running 8 more, plugged to that a timecode widget. 12 universes total. Before really reading up, I thought i was saving money by getting a Hoglet console running on Hog Pc for my back up. Now i find out Hog pc only does 8 universes. Is there any way around this? My dp8k is running my Parks, conventionals, and projection shutters. The hard 4 Universes are running all my movers. either way i cant really get threw without eachother.
Signed Did I just waste my money!!


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited December 2015
    HOGPC does only 8 universes with USB-widgets.
    If you use DP8000 like you do there are no restrictions.

    So you can use the 4 hardwire outs from the hoglet as the backup-outs for the 4 outs from your RH4.
    With an artnet-dmx-converter you could also get another 8 universes from you DP8000 and when you use a second you can get another 4 universes out of your RH4
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