3.2.1 vs. 3.2.0

Just wanted to get opinions on v3.2.1 over v3.2.0 I'm stuck on v3.2.0 until the end of my show and can't upgrade. 3.2.0 feels quite jittery on the networking side. I had to give up on wireless remotes because of "lost server" errors locking up the show file. Now all hog devices are hardwired but we still get "server" errors every so often. These are usually corrected by killing and restarting the local board's server and/or desktop. Haven't had this many networking issues on a hog software release in a while and hoping that 3.2.1 has corrected these issues. Any thoughts from the hive mind?



  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Lot of stuff fixed in 3.2.1
    Have a look at the release notes.
    There had been issues with remote clients, editing and so on.

    As 3.2.1 is just a minor update you could upgrade your consoles without having problems in running your show
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff

    Can you please explain the Lost Server errors you are seeing?
    How is your network setup?
    Are any dump files in the logs folder?
  • bsbjuicerbsbjuicer Registered User
    We were having a lot of errors with wifi remotes. As other wifi devices (such as 5GHz WiFi video transmitters/receivers) would power up, my network would send an error down the line and lock up the main show server. We are usually running a laptop Hog4 PC attached to a DP8000 as the main show "server" with a full size Hog4 hard wired to the network. The laptop outputs Hognet and the full size Hog4 outputs artnet. When using a wireless remote on this system v3.2.0 seemed to be way sensitive to network ups and downs. Hopefully v3.2.1 has improved this. Getting the "client" status back should help some. But it would be nice to have a "client" remote that doesn't kill the whole system if network bandwidth dips for a moment.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Really dont understand why you use a laptop as the main-server when using it with a HOG4...
    I would always go for the real console to be my main.

    All network-protocols used in the lighting world are very sensitive when it comes to Wifi.
  • bsbjuicerbsbjuicer Registered User
    We are usually running 4 stages simultaneously (at one point 6 stages), and sometimes 24 hours a day. The rigging crew has a Roadhog4 as an interface. The 2nd unit uses a RoadHog4 for its unit. I use a Full Size Hog4 and small remote laptop for 1st unit. We are constantly moving from stage to stage so it is nice to have a "show server" that is linked to a particular stage/set. Each crew just has to log in to the show file and work. If the operators are not there, the dimmer techs can bring up a work light look off the server for the other crews. It would be nice to have 7 full size Hogs, but not economically feasible.

    I'm just probing to see if it is possible for the client/server relationship between hogs to be more robust. If the server loses a client for a moment (less than a second), then it should reconnect and continue like nothing happened. It should not cause a full restart of the system as it does many times.

  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Ok agreed.... Rackhog might be a good solution for you.
    I only dont like laptops/pcs as main servers because you never know what had been done to the OS.

  • bsbjuicerbsbjuicer Registered User
    I have been testing v3.3 for a couple days in parallel with v3.2. It feels like v3.3 has a better time with its networking issues. I still see errors happening in the log, but mostly a "time warp" issue that says the clocks are milliseconds apart between the server and the client. Thankfully this seems not to effect any playback and the systems just continue on as if nothing is happening. Hazaa!
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