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I'm truying some OSC stuff with the Vezer software. (http://www.vezerapp.hu/) And i would like to know if i can use OSC Flag TRacks to send Go on some specific cue, instead of sending Go an an hardware mapping with OSC value track.

More explenation : I manage to send a Go information to the Hog with a OSC value track and some straight 0 to 1 curve. /hog/hardware/go/4 -> it's like me pushing the go button on the 4th master.

I would like Vezer to send this information : Go "cue liste 1" / "Cue 4" for exemple. with an OSC flac track. Is it possible ? and How ?

The mapping syntax page : https://www2.highend.com/support/controllers/documents/html/en/sect...is not really well explained.

Can you write the exact syntax for a Go on a specific Cue of a specific Cuelist ?


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    For your example the OSC path is as follows:
    / hog / playback / go / 0 / 1.4
  • NeemisNeemis Registered User
    Finally with this syntax i Manage to play a go on a specific cue : /hog/playback/go <0> <1> (Go on cue list 1)
    But with this syntax : /hog/playback/go <0> <1.4> i can't play The cue 4 on the Cue list 1 .

    Where am i wrong ?
  • NeemisNeemis Registered User
    This fonction has been tested by the HES team ?
  • NeemisNeemis Registered User
    edited November 2015
    This page has no clear informations.

    the real syntax for playing a go on a specific cuelist is : /hog/playback/go <0> <1>
    and not : / hog / playback / go / 0 / 1 wich deosnt work at all.

    So what is the true syntax for a go on specific cue on a specific cuelist ?
  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    CM is correct:
    will indeed fire cue 4 on list 1
    and yes it has been tested by the HES team
  • datadriverdatadriver Registered User, HES Staff
    If you open the MIDI window (setup button, then hit Midi on lower toolbar) you can see the OSC traffic coming into hog. Make sure what you sent matched what we are expecting
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    I am not terribly familiar with Vezer but I have loaded it up on my Mac and connected it to a OSC network with a Hog 4 OS console and tested the paths we specify in the manual...at least as I see how it should work in Vezer. You can see in the screenshot I have posted I have entered the path as recommended in the help manual. Now when I click on the little splash button next to each track I can confirm Veezer sends the proper go message to Hog and that Hog receives the go as expected but I am not sure how adding the dots into the tracks works and how that changes the sent value. I hope this helps.

  • NeemisNeemis Registered User
    Marvelous. it work really well ! Don't know why it doesnt when i did it the same way before.
    But thanks a lot team HES !

    regards !
  • NeemisNeemis Registered User
    Should be nice to add more "playback" mapping. Like Flash, Pages etc....
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    Those keys are all in the mappings as well!

    See the mappings in section 22.4.3 for OSC Hardware Mappings
  • lovlov Registered User
    Hi Guys,

    sorry for awaking this old thread but I think this could be useful in case anyone running on the same issue.

    OSC Value Tracks by Vezér are actually attach at least one value argument to the OSC address - so they are designed to send values that changing.

    In this scenario you want to use OSC Flags instead, which works like "triggers"/"commands". Check out the attached screenshot.

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