Parameter name "alias"

I just had request from a user at training to be able to add an alias to a parameter name.

For example, in addition to Frame 1A, it could be called Frame 1A (Top Left), with "Top Left" being user defined.

The request was for this to be on a per fixture basis, so different labels could be added for parameters such as shutters depending on fixture orientation.

What do you think? Personally I think it could be quite handy.


  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
    Could be handy and could be handy with ETC LEDs also. But personally I think the whole framing thing needs to be reworked.
    I would love to see a framing tool where you can cycle parameters and the GUI of framing gets its orientation from fixture orientation. Shouldn't be very hard math if we tell the degrees where the fixture front is pointing.
  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    Would very much like to see this for the ETC LED use Srautane mentions
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