Tap Tempo Control for Hog 4 PC

Im looking for an easy way to have "tap tempo" control of cue lists from a Hog 4 PC setup.
I know on a console, you can hold down the Choose button of the fader and use the Play button to change the rate of a chase.
Does anyone know of an easy and inexpensive way of accomplishing this without a Hog fader wing?
I was thinking about using an X-keys XK-12 Jog & Shuttle but I'm not sure if this can be programmed to an encoder.

Any thoughts?


  • jeanzjeanz Registered User
    You can use midi controler to send midi notes mapped to choose and play buttons to do this
  • kyle.bourgeoiskyle.bourgeois Registered User
    Any suggestions for a MIDI controller to do this?
    Also, will it work via USB or would I need a MIDI widget?
  • jeanzjeanz Registered User
    edited October 2015
    I use a software (bome midi translator) to map any incoming midi message (from any midi device) to outgoing actions (like midi messages).With this software all midi controlers can do the job but visual feedback is useful ( choose key for ex)
    I use a launchpad mini ( midi via usb) and a midi to usb interface to plug my old Hog 600 as midi controler ....! 24 choose,play,pause,flash mapped to playback bar 1&2 , all programming buttons and more....
    I hope to be understandable with my bad English
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    Indeed, just about any generic midi class usb device plugged directly into the console and properly mapped to the hardware keys will do the trick... but TOUCH OSC is also a great option if you have an iPhone or iPad and a wireless network router.
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