Build your own Hog4 console?

I have a very interesting question. I have a programing wing from Hog3. Which works fine with Hog4PC software. I also own a playback wing and a super widget.

I have a local venue that runs time code based shows on a Hog4pc and has issues of low level techs messing around with the windows during shows.

So my answer to this issue, is to turn the computer into a stand alone hog4 console. Aka, instead of having to boot windows and run Hog4pc. to have it boot into Hog4 console alone.

In theory, this would be accomplished by using the FULL Install Hog4 usb bootable drive and reinstall Hog4 on the computer. Yes I understand this would remove the 'on screen' program window and play back faders, but I have wings for that already.

My question is, is this possible? and has anyone tried this before?


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Short answer: NO
    Too many hardware components that might not fit to the OS (Linux), like gfx, mainboard and so on

    The software (full-install) wont even install on your PC
  • eqrunnereqrunner Registered User
    Okey, that was what I thought. Pursuing this would just end up in many hours running around the internet looking for answers and drivers to bodge it together.

    I will look into prices on the RackHog4, and try and go that way.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    Even if you would find the drivers or matching hardware, there is more that prevents the installation from the Full-Install Stick
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