Library Robe DL4S

Just played around with a Hog 4 and the Robe DL4 series.
I noticed there is a mistake in de the DL4S library file.

The CMY colors go from 65535>0.
With the fixture in CMY-mode, the control is RGB, when set into RGBW mode, the control is CMY + White.

When setting the CMY DMX-values at 0>65535 and the fixture in CMY, everything works correct.
The DL4X & DL4F also use these values and work correct.
I have used Mode 1 for all fixtures.



  • May be best to communicate this it Steve.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    The fixture has a RGBW engine, so thats why cmy are inverted and the console shows CMY+ White (CMY is inverted RGB)
    Had these fixtures a while ago and if I remember correct you loose the white LED when you put the fixture in CMY mode. So leaving them in RGBW mode and use CMY+white should be the way to work, like with Robin 600 or 800 LED Washs
  • monkeyboy72monkeyboy72 Registered User
    i use these fixtures and i agree with MLorenz. however i use mode 2.
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