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CRBatchelorCRBatchelor Registered User
I don't think there is currently a way to do this, someone please correct me if I am wrong. I would like to ba able to grab a fixture running an efx and hit a button to dump all efx engine properties from the fixture.


  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
    edited March 2006
    With nothing running on the console, grab all your fixtures, TOUCH them and then record that as an effect palette (make one for all parameters, and one for each parameter). When you want to stop an effect for a fixture - Select it, touch it and then select the effect palette you just created.
  • CRBatchelorCRBatchelor Registered User
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    Nice tip! Thanks!
  • DeRudDeRud Registered User
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    If you do this with Color; position,color and beam plus FX then you can
    separate stop: lets say a moveFX with ZommFX and a color FX.
    So so you have the choice to stop only one ore more of this FX.

  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited March 2006
    You will also notice that there is an "Off" table in the FX Engine window. You can create a Global FX palette using "Off" for different FX types.

    i.e - make one for Pan/Tilt, one for CMY, one for Iris, one for Frost, one for Zoom, etc. etc.

    I also find it useful to make Global Palettes using the "Track" table to allow an FX back in when editing.
  • dslodkidslodki Registered User
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    Have you tried loading the fixture into your programmer and hoding down "knockout" and pressing the effect button?
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    That behaviour does work and is probably the easiest way to handle this.

    Touching just the parameter or the parameter group with the effect will bring both the base value and the effect into the programmer. Holding down backspace <- and pressing Effect will set the effect table to off.
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