Ideal Comapnion PC for a Nano Hog

DaarrghDaarrgh Registered User, Hog Beta
Looking for advise on the perfect mobile PC solution for a Nano Hog.


  • DaarrghDaarrgh Registered User, Hog Beta
    I'm looking at purchasing a Touch PC with a kickstand. 21" or 23" screen. Anybody have any experience or know of any pitfalls to watchout for?
  • NoahHillNoahHill Registered User
    edited February 15
    Check the requirements for pc here. Find a pc with at least double all the requirements and you should be good. This shouldn’t be hard. Also, make sure it has an Ethernet connection and go ahead and get a USB to ETHERNET for you console.

    One thing to make sure of is that you solely dedicate your PC to your console. This means do not use it for anything else. Keep it offline when possible.
  • DaarrghDaarrgh Registered User, Hog Beta
    Thanks Noah.
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