Plot improvements

Hey plots are great but it would be awesome to add some extras to it!

I haven't yet used plots as they are intended for pixel mapping but they have been incredibly useful when using lots of generics spread around sets which constantly move as a quick visual rendition of what fixtures are doing rather than scribbling on a paper plot.

1.The ability to add Legends and boxes/lines would be really useful like on the Congo's. I have been using pixelmap layers to represent buildings and rooms.

2.Intensity displayed as a percentage rather than shading

3.The ability to import images to go behind plots

4.The ability to duplicate fixtures for instance where you have two generics on one dimmer channel.




  • rseybertrseybert Registered User
    +1 on the duplicate fixtures.
  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
    There is a list of improvements for Plot View in the works. Not sure what the timetable is, but I believe background image imports is one. More symbol choices beyond a circle, possibly leading to more CAD like fixture symbols that you would see on an actual plot. Alignment tools, grid snap-to, and mirroring for laying out the plot. Some other requests have been fixture schedule and patching from Plot View.
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