3 Channel Fazer

This weekend, we will have a gig, and the fog machine we will use is the Antari F-7 Smake. It's a 3 DMX channel fog machine, and there is no profile in Hog4. Which profile I can use in the mean time that we will work for it? Or can someone help me building a profile with Profile Builder? Here's the DMX chart:

Channel 1: 0-127 Faze Mode; 128-255 Fog Mode
Channel 2: 0-5 No smoke; 6-255 Volume (21>100%)
Channel 3: 0-5 Fan speed at 20%; 6-255 Fan speed (21>100%)

Thanks in advance!


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    Please send a email to

    Please include the DMX protocol and we will make you a library for the fixture.
  • geral_lightsgeral_lights Registered User
    In my case, I would just "Desk-Channel-It" and transfer my channels to faders. Seems the logical quickest solution.
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