help ...... DMX processor unlock Pin code ..

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tnx.. for reading this... pls. help me where to find pin code on Wholehog 3 DMX processor .. or is there any manual for it.. or is there any right person to contact..



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    manual_en072705.pdf 79 (101 / 412)

    To unlock the DMX Processor locally:

    • Enter your chosen 4-digit code number, and cursor right to confirm. The code number will be the default 1234 if you have not changed it to your own.

    You can lock and unlock remotely from a console via the DMX Processor Settings window for each specific DMX Processor:

    1. Setup → Network : the Network button can be found on the Setup Toolbar.
    2. Select the required DMX Processor in the Network window and click Settings to open the DMX Processor Settings window.
    3. Lock or unlock the DMX Processor and OK to apply and close the window.

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