Road Hog 3 Full Boar

Hi All!
I have a Road Hog3 Full Boar for sale. It is in great condition in original case with little lites. Los Angeles area if that helps. Send an offer if interested.




  • bhorowitzbhorowitz Registered User
    Is this still for sale? How much are you looking for? Also in LA area.
  • bhorowitzbhorowitz Registered User
    If this is still for sale, can you email me with the price you are looking for.
  • Fmelendez5424Fmelendez5424 Registered User
    Will buy for $3000 if this is still avaialable my phone number is 805-624-9556 I live in LA
  • bsbjuicerbsbjuicer Registered User
    Sold, sorry
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