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I used to be able to change what the default colors in the color wheel and gobos in the gobo wheels were in the edit fixture window in patch per fixture, so that they would appear correctly in auto palettes or on the color/gobo buttons while programming. Especially helpful, when there is three gobo wheels, and the default on each gobo wheel is gobo1- gobo6. Now I have to go back and figure it out in the pallettes and remember what is what for the short keys. Did this change between versions or is it located somewhere else?


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    You can still change these settings in the edit fixtures window, but there is currently a defect open (#6832) where the window won't show you all of the appropriate column.

    Try this:
    Open the Edit Fixtures window.
    Click to turn on Sort By Function.
    Jump to Gobo (or one of your other slotted functions).
    You should be able to scroll to the right to edit the slot names.

    If you don't see the columns that show you the individual slot names, try clicking on a different fixture type in the left pane and then click back to the fixtures you want to work on.

    Another note:
    You always want to make sure that your default value for a slot is actually slot name that exists for each fixture. Having an invalid default value can cause errors. We are working to enforce this better to prevent problems.
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    Is this thread about changing the names that pop up when you're programming? I just swapped out a few gobos in my Studio Spots and want to rename them. So far I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.

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    You can change the names of gobos within the Edit Fixtures window. Setup->Patch->Edit Fixtures. Look at section 14.3.2 of the user manual and the sub heading "naming slots" for full details.

    This will allow you to select from a list of known slot (color and gobo) names. You are not able to enter your own names at this time, but you can select any from this list. Due to the generic library model, all slot names must come from within this predefined list.
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    I am unable to find the slot cell that both you and the manual say that I can edit. The only 'slot' cell I can find in the 'edit fixtures' window is in the 'feature' column and is uneditable. Within the 'edit fixtures' window, I am unable to scroll right because the whole window fits in the left LCD on the console.

    The work around that I used for this is to build a new fixture by copying the fixture I want to edit, edit the gobo names I want, and then change it's type to the user created fixture.

    Maybe some day I'll be able to do what the manual says, but for now this works just fine.

    I would like to note that I can deal with not being able to create my own slot name (the list is long enough that I can find something close to what I want), but it would be really nice if the list that is provided were in some kind of discernable order; perhaps alphabetically.

    Thanks for your help,
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    In the edit fixtures window, select the "sort by function" button at the top and the toolbar in the window will change to display the functions. Then you can choose a gobo wheel. Once selected, you should be able to scroll to the right to see the gobo names for each slot.

    You say that you can not scroll right.. there should be a scroll bar on the bottom of the Edit fixtures window. If not, please let me know what console you are using (Wholehog 3, Hog iPC, or Hog 3PC) and what fixture you are trying to edit.

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