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On every other system I've used when I go to save a show there is always a save as so I can rename or retitle my show saves.
Under the Hog system I find this to be confusing and wish there was a 'Save as' Option. can't be that hard to add in as it is usually part of the default file system functionality


  • Hi Jason,

    The "Save as' function already exists. It is just not called "Save as."

    SETUP > Shows; this opens the Show Manager Window.
    On the left there are 'tabs' Go to the "Current Show" Tab.
    On this window, you have the "Back Up" button (AKA Save as)
    Once you press the Back Up Button, you are prompted to name the back up and then save to a location (HD, USB, etc.)

    Hope this Helps
  • Simon LXSimon LX Registered User
    But on most systems it would follow the Windows principle where once you've taken your existing show 'oldshow' and saved it as 'newshow', the desk is now working on 'newshow' - when we backup 'newshow' the desk is still working on 'oldshow'
  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    You just want to rename the current show. Log off of show, then right click and rename.

    The current show file is continuously being saved on the local hard drive. When you save a backup, you are taking a 'snapshot' of the file and essentially saving a zip file. So you can't really save 'newshow' and be working on the new show. You are still working on the the open, existing show file.

    What you want sounds more like, save backup. Exit show. Browse to backup, Launch (expand) backup file.
  • JasonGardashJasonGardash Registered User
    Just sounds like typical Hog protocol. 10 extra steps to do a 1 set job.
    Reasons behind why one wants to save a show under 'Save as' really is not my care. It's more to do with how I like to save shows and be able to update files with different names and save to that new name without going thru all this extra work.
    Just means extra backups as I don't trust how Hog saves or renames files. and yet another reason why I spec MA's as my first choice for a console. I try to use what the client like first, But when it comes to consoles. I'm beginning to push more for the MA's. Just saying.
  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    It's your full right to push MA if that's what you like.
    A desk is only as good as the operator knows it and vice versa.

    That being said I believe the way hog manages it's files actually has advantages to the MA method if you understand it and use it smartly / as intended.

    Sometimes I operate on MA but I almost never program one. I've been to a course once and the system (onPC) crashed (not a disaster everything can crash)
    The tutor reopened the file and he lost an hour of work, wouldn't have happened with a HOG crash.
    Even with auto save turned on you could lose some work. (and it isn't on by default)
    Reasons behind why one wants to save a show under 'Save as' really is not my care.
    Reasons why you want a feature are actually pretty important. No good reasons = it's not going to get in there.
    I could think of some better reasons for a coffee command in the desk then for a 'Save as' feature! ;)
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