Which version to buy ???

Clifta1Clifta1 Registered User
Which version of Light Converse ships with Road HOG4. I want to buy my own dongle and want to get the same as the one shipped with the console. However I don't need video capabilities, just visualization from HOG4 PC to Light Converse on the same laptop.


  • Mr_DibaMr_Diba Registered User
    The dongle shiped with our Road Hog4 is the 'Design' dongle.
  • Clifta1Clifta1 Registered User
    I have since discovered from Light Converse that the version shipped with HOG 4's is specific to High End and cannot be bought separately. The nearest to this product is the Media version, not exactly the same but very similar. This is the version I have since bought.................
  • RANDELLRANDELL Registered User
    When it comes to Light Converse (my favorite pre-vis by the way) the best one to buy is the MEDIA version or higher. Any of the ones below MEDIA level have a lot of limitations to them.
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