Requests - KIND Editor tweaks

ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
These are minor inconveniences at best, but annoying on every show.

1. Reordering Wheelsets:
When trying to drag a wheelset to a new position, I'm only able to drag it's order to the top of the existing view. For example: I've got a wheelset (framing) that is currently 20th in position down on the editor list and I want it to be 3rd from the top. Intuitively, I'd click and drag it to the top of the window, and then the list would scroll to the top so I could drop it further up in the list. Currently, I can only move it's position up a maximum of 5 spaces at a time, then rescroll the window up, drag up another 5 slots, rescroll, redrag, etc. More time intensive that I really want for a simple task.

2. Redraw rate when quickly scrolling:
Grabbing the scroll bar and scrolling down in the list of wheelsets, the wheelsets appear to move up, as on would expect when moving down in the list.
Doing the same action but using the trackball ring, the list appears to be scrolling down. It is in fact, scrolling 'up' but either the animation, or redraw or whatever makes it appear as if you are moving up in the list. A 'minor' inconvenience, but plays havoc with my brain since it's counter to what I expect the action to be displayed.
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