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I have a HOG 3 running 3.1.9, I had to down grade it to use a DP2000. The down grade seems successful and the console and DP2000 are communicating. here is my problem, I am trying to patch a show using some Elation fixtures, found the library containing the fixtures, the HOG3 reads the CD, shows the folders but does not see any fixtures to import. A HOG3 iPC, running 3.1.9 reads the disk and will allow me to merge the show to get the fixtures, but to no avail on the HOG3.....I made a show on the iPC, with all the fixtures I needed, saved it to disk, opened it on the HOG3 and viola,I have the fixtures.....why won't the HOG3 read the fixture disk directly....confused!


  • Hello,

    It depends on what you did. If you attempted to download the newer complete fixture library, the console running 3.1.9 would not read the new fixture library.

    I would recommend downloading the individual fixture profiles and merging them into the show file on 3.1.9.

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  • SamaiSamai Registered User
    Hello everyone Iwould like a library Terbly PT-160B-R Please help me
  • Noah_AllenNoah_Allen Registered User, HES Staff
    edited February 13
    If you are on Hog 4 update your libraray/software, this fixture is currently in the full library.
    If you are on hog 3, keep in mind that as of August 21st 2018 High-End Systems will no longer produce Hog 3 libraries. As the console was discontinued in 2012.

    The latest hog3 library can be found here

    Individual fixture libraries can be found here

    It does look like this fixture has a library for hog3 found here

    Instructions for how to add a library can be found here

    If the fixture you need is not in either place, you will need to build it yourself in the consoles fixture builder.

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