FB-4 DVI Output #2 Not working After Upgrade

tbslytertbslyter Registered User, Hog Beta
We recently upgraded 1 of our Full Boar 4s from v2.7 to v3.0.1 and everything was initially running fine. In the process of reconfiguring the FB-4 network settings to connect to our Wyg workstation, we had to do a couple of reboots. On the 2nd or 3 reboot, the DVI Output # 2 stopped working.

Swapped monitors, cables, even opened the cover and reseated the connections and graphics card. (None of which seemed to be loose.)

I may go back to v2.7 to see if that helps, but this seems really weird. Perhaps a bad output on the GPU, but it seems strange that it happened so soon after the upgrade. Anyone else seeing something similar? Any other tips to try before either rolling back to v2.7 or possibly ordering a replacement GPU?


Travis Slyter
Ruehling & Associates, Inc.


  • ShortieShortie Registered User
    I just upgraded my desk on Friday. My second output is working.... I just can't get my cursor to that screen. It's not a touch screen because i mostly use if for programmer and output. Just an annoyance for now.
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
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    Did you use the FPSPKG to upgrade from 2.7.0 to 3.0.1 of did you perform an ISO?
    We the monitor an H4 wing monitor or a stand alone monitor?
  • tbslytertbslyter Registered User, Hog Beta
    I performed both an upgrade and then ISO on two different desks. Used both an Elo Stand-alone monitor and H4 Wing. Neither desk is outputting on the 2nd DVI output. All monitors and cables work fine on DVI out # 1.
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