desk channel not affected by Grand Master

I had someone at High End create a fixture profile for a generic dimmer desk channel that was not affected by the Grand Master for my Hog 1000.
I have to run the house lighting off of my full boar 4 console on a cue stack, and can't use the Grand Master with out this profile I don't think, unless there is another way around it. thanks


  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    Maybe build a simple fixture using an LTP parameter?
    Fixture builder > create new fixture with single channel > give it a good name and description
    Function Strobe, parameter Strobe Rate, DMX values 0>255 real world values 0 > 100Hz (just to give you a percentage indication)
    The wheel will indicate a wrong parameter but you can fade it and it shouldn't be affected by the GM.

    There might be better workarounds, this is the first one I can think off.
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