Cue assigned to executor/command key

I've stumbled across something odd and was wondering if anyone might have some insight into this.

I've got a several cuelists each with a single cue in them; they're all set to "Add release end cue". The single cue in these lists contains an effect that runs on the dimmers of some movers I have. Basically, they're just dimmer chases of various types/patterns. Simple enough.

I have three of them assigned to the cmd keys and they're set to "Flash"; I use them as bump keys for the chase effects.

Last weekend, one of them stopped working...just one. If I change the action to "Go" or "Back" the effect will run, but I have to tap it again to stop it. In other words, it's like it just doesn't work if I set it to the "Flash" action. When set to flash--for this cue only--nothing happens when I press the key. Again, it works when set to "Go" or "Back". Does anyone have any idea what would have happened that broke this single cue/cuelist? I even went so far as to deleting the cuelist and recreating the effect. I also tried assigning it to other keys. The behavior persists even after trying these things. I'm really stumped!




  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    is "go on flash" turned on?
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    You must enable go on flash and release on off for the flash-button options in your cue-list
  • kbx81kbx81 Registered User
    "Go on Flash" is not enabled for this cue or the other cues that I use and assign this way. They work...yet this one does not...
  • kbx81kbx81 Registered User
    What's more odd is that it DID work...then one day, it just stopped. I use these cues all the time so I noticed right away when it wasn't right. I was running 2.7.0 when it stopped working. I upgraded to 3.0.0 with hopes that it would clear up, but it did not. Hence why I'm stumped...
  • kbx81kbx81 Registered User
    Setting the Go On Flash option with Release on Off cleared up the issue. Thanks guys!
    I still wonder why it worked without this before, and also why it still works for the other cues I have. Oh well...stranger things have happened. :) I'm enabling it for all the cues, just to be safe.
  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    Your other lists might have been HTP, in that case you wouldn't need go on flash.
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