Auto launch a layout?

alrighty everyone. I'm pretty confident on the H4. But something I can't find out (or know if it can do) is can I launch a show and have pages open up in a certain layout from when I last shut down? It's been driving me nuts and I bet it's stupid simple if it's possible. Help?


  • hydrushydrus Registered User
    edited May 2015
    I assume you mean what HOG calls a view, because layout is something for the pixel mapping.

    Make the view you want, record it:
    record > select where you want to store it (top of the screen or view directory)

    Make the view recall at startup:
    Setup > preferences > misc > startup macro RV1 (for recall view 1 or whatever # you want to recall)

    Another quick way to recall different views:
    "open" + "1" = recalls view 1
    "open" + "2" = recalls view 2
    and so on until 9 ...
    "open" + "0" = recalls view 10 (I usually set an all windows closed view over here so I can quickly close everything to be sure there are no editors hidden behind another window)
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