Martin Quantum Wash

I'm having problems getting intensity with Martin Quantum Wash(es) in extended mode that I have in a new show. Pan/tilt, zoom, and lens effects all operating but I'm stumped on the intensity issue. (Can't get Basic profile to intensify, either). Fixtures are version 2.0, which were updated March 2015. Screen on (first) fixture reads "DMX range 1-33" (patched in console at 1) but the fixture in Hog profile only goes to 27 channels.

I have the fixture patched as such:
# name patch
1 - Extended Master @ 1 (thru18)
2 - Extended Color @ 19 (thru 21)
3 - Extended Aura @ 22 (thru 27)

I saw in the manual ( that extended mode also uses 33 channels. Could this be the issue?

Using Hog 4 with v2.7

Thanks for any response


  • skierskier Registered User
    edited April 2015
    We have used these ok, have you only patched 1 color segment? If I remember rightly there is 3 in Extended.

    This is a copy from a patch we used them on.

    1 Mac Quantum Wash extended master 2001
    19 Mac Quantum Wash extended color 3001
    22 Mac Quantum Wash extended color 3002
    25 Mac Quantum Wash extended color 3003
    28 Mac Quantum Wash extended aura 4001

    34 Mac Quantum Wash extended master 2002

    Also don't forget you need to do, master @full then Color 1>3 at full

  • StevworkerStevworker Registered User
    AHHHH HA! That's it!

    Thanks Skier!
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