RGB LED Flickering like mad...

Hey Chaps, I'm completely baffled but wondered if anyone has seen this before.

I'm trying to control some abstract LED dancefloor panels which are RGBI they came with a bizarre Sunlite controller and laptop but really need to be on my Hog 1000 or Hog2PC however the moment I plug either console in the whole dancefloor freaks out flickering like mad.

Whats really weird is that I can control it off my Swisson DMX controller or The supplied sunlight controller but neither the hog 1k or the hog2pc work without flickering like mad!

I have tested and swapped all cables...

Thanks chaps



  • Hi Tim,

    What profile are you using? the flickering you describe kind of sounds like the fixtures are getting incorrect DMX values from the console as if they were addressed incorrectly, or the profile didn't match the DMX protocol of the fixture.

    Also maybe need a DMX terminator? Just a thought.
  • jifopjifop Registered User
    I think it was a refresh issue, the dmxter testing the output from the hogs showed valid data, the same data played back to the fixtures from the dmxter worked.

    Tried terminators, new cables and just connecting to one fixture to no avail.
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