Wholehog 2 Lamp On & Fixture Library Request


How do I lamp on and lamp off a fixture on the Wholehog 2?

Also, does anyone have a fixture library for the Clay Paky Spot HPE 700?



  • Role82Role82 Registered User

    it depends on the DMX-Chart of the fixture, where you can find lamp on/off. Most fixtures have a Control Channel or do these functions within the Strobe Channel.
    In most cases you can turn the approximate encoder until in you find lamp on or lamp off.
    Because on some channels are more functions like reset and such things, I always blind the programmer, turn the encoder to the right output und press blind again. Otherwise it's possible, that the fixtures do a reset when you try to send lamp off.

    I'm sorry, that I have noch fixture profile for the Clay Parky Spot.

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