copy a range of cues

Mutsi99Mutsi99 Registered User
Hi Forum,

looking for the correct syntax for the following programming :

Copy from List 1 - Cue 1 thru 6 - Group 1
to a new
List 2 - Cue 1 thru 6 - Group 2

But I just can't seem to find the correct syntax.
Can I trouble someone for this?

thanks in advance..



  • sinclairsinclair Registered User, Hog Beta
    Group 1 List 1 Cue 1 > 6 Copy To [Selected] List 2 Enter

    That'll extract Group 1 from List 1 and copy it to List 2.
    Not sure that there's a single step to copy from one group to another across multiple cues. I think you'd have to do that in each new cue.

    Hope that helps.
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