Intellabeam 400 Lamp Issue

BigFireBigFire Registered User
I have two IBeam 400's that have the exact same problem. I can put them in test mode and they will reset the gobos, wheels and mirror, the motor light comes on, but no lamp strike. I have replaced both power PCBs with brand new boards, thanks to LightParts. Still have the same issue however. Thoughts? Ballast or Ignitor replacement? How do I know if they are bad? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


  • Rogue1Rogue1 Registered User
    It's been a long time......... If you are comfortable using voltmeters, the easiest thing to do next is see if voltage is getting to the ignitors. With your meter on Volts AC, and your probes already touching the OUTER terminals of the ignitor (NEVER ever touch the center terminal, EVER), switches set to 'Test', power the fixture ( you will also need to arrange something to hold down the interlock switch; it kills power when the upper panel is removed). If you read 200+ Volts AC, the ignitors are bad. If you read more or less Zero volts, you have control board problems, or perhaps bad communication cables that run from control board to the power supply board (try disconnecting each end, spray with contact cleaner, and reconnect, power OFF first!) or of course, bad (open circuit) ballasts.
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